Ranking The 10 Best Heated Socks of 2021

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We could all use a little more warmth while out and about in the cold. I don’t know how many times I’ve been at a parade or ski event and wished I had some sort of heat circulating in my extremities.

That’s why heated socks are a cool invention. I’m sure most of you have suffered from frostbite on your toes while out in the cold.

If you have to go through this unpleasant experience again, why not give one of these heated socks a try first?

You won’t be disappointed.

SNOW DEER Heated Socks,7.4V Electric Rechargeable Battery Heating Socks Men WomenBest OverallSNOW DEER Heated Socks,7.4V Electric Rechargeable Battery Heating Socks Men Women
Heated Electric Warm Thermal SocksBudget PickHeated Electric Warm Thermal Socks
Lenz Products Unisex Set Lithium Pack rcB 1200 + Heat Sock 1.0Upgrade PickLenz Products Unisex Set Lithium Pack rcB 1200 + Heat Sock 1.0

1. SNOW DEER Heated Socks,7.4V Electric Rechargeable Battery Heating Socks Men Women

Our rating: 9 / 10

SNOW DEER Heated Socks,7.4V Electric Rechargeable Battery Heating Socks Men Women

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  • An affordable price point
  • Has both an Over and Under the Boot attachment option
  • The batteries can be recharged over 1000 times


  • Not exactly waterproof (but will keep your toes warm in the snow!)
  • You can’t attach them to your boots, meaning you can’t adjust the fit on the go.

The SNOW DEER heated socks come in 9 different sizes to ensure that you find a pair that fits you perfectly. They use a new technology to increase energy storage by 2.5 times, reaching a power density of 5kwh/kg, much higher than similar models on the market.

The battery is rechargeable and it doesn’t have any memory loss so it can be recharged over 1000 times without any performance problems.

The batteries themselves are very thin, which means that you can have your socks fitted over top of them. They’ll also fit comfortably under your boots, depending on your preferred attachment method.

2. Heated Socks

Our rating: 8 / 10

Heated Socks

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  • Heat up very quickly
  • Multiple foot heating zones
  • Battery is rechargeable and lasts 2.5 hours on a full charge
  • Socks are a one size fits all, wearing a size 9.5 shoe you should be able to wear the medium size


  • After about an hour, the controller starts to get very warm
  • Those with poor circulation or neuropathy may find that their feet still get cold

As a hunter, a hiker, a fisherman, or any of the other kinds of “out there” activities that you might be interested, you know how uncomfortable cold feet can be.

Maybe you are more comfortable out in the elements than most, but most of us need our feet to keep us from freezing.

These heated socks have you covered. The battery is rechargeable and lasts around 2.5 hours. In that time the socks will warm up and provide plenty of heat, even for those with circulatory problems like Raynaud’s.

3. Heated Socks

Our rating: 7 / 10

Heated Socks

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  • The heating elements have a high-quality and are of the highest quality.
  • The voltage is 110V.

They can help you to give warmth to your feet when they are cold.

They are comfortable.

They can improve blood circulation in your feet and keep your toes healthy.

4. GLOBAL VASION Rechargeable Battery Heated Socks Kit

Our rating: 7 / 10

GLOBAL VASION Rechargeable Battery Heated Socks Kit

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  • Continuous hot air circulation and moisten arch for whole-day comfort
  • Automatic on – continuous heat, automatic shutoff
  • The foot size just for you, your feet feel warmed and pleasantly
  • High quality heating media will not reach the temperature beyond the limit.
  • Preserves the natural insulation of the socks


  • They will not last as long as you would like
  • You have to charge them.

Warm Heat Insoles, Breathable Socks Heat, Make You Feel Warm and Comfortable, Rechargeable 30 Day Use.

These are perfect for cold weather camping. They are easy to put on because they fit over your boots or shoes and have a soft fabric feel to them. They work great. It's very easy to put them on and off, they will fit over most average sized shoes. I love that they are very adjustable and flexible.

Very good socks. I was a little skeptical at first, but overall I am pleased with these socks. They are great for me because I stand on my feet for 8 hours a day and these keep me comfortable all day.

5. Lenz Products Unisex Set Lithium Pack rcB 1200 + Heat Sock 1.0

Our rating: 7 / 10

Lenz Products Unisex Set Lithium Pack rcB 1200 + Heat Sock 1.0

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  • A very solid and well-made product
  • The lithium batteries do give off quite a bit of heat
  • The sock is made of high-quality microfiber cloth
  • The included silicone cable ties are very handy
  • The heating is able to last for over 6 hours on a single charge
  • The controller and cables are easy to use
  • The material on the socks is very comfortable to wear


  • A bit expensive
  • The cables are very short
  • It’s a little tight on the calves

Lenz uses high-quality silver-zinc batteries in their Unisex lithium sock set. These batteries are the highest quality on the market and extremily reliable. The set includes Left & Right socks and a lithium battery which powers the socks.

The sock pockets are soft microfiber that will keep you feet warm.

The socks are made of high-quality microfiber cloth. The battery is also of high-quality. It doesn’t wear over time.

6. Heated Electric Warm Thermal Socks

Our rating: 7 / 10

Heated Electric Warm Thermal Socks

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  • Allows for comfort in a variety of different situations
  • Both feet are warmed at the same time because of the design
  • The socks are not bulky and are made out of soft materials
  • Interchangeable sets of the socks are available


  • The battery life of the socks is shorter as the internal battery has to heat both feet
  • Some areas of the socks did not stay in place correctly


These heated socks have the option of being connected to a belt, so that you can be warm while not in use. The battery lasts about 6-9 hrs.

These are perfect for the winter. If you are a man who wears dress socks with shoes, you will find the cold of your feet uncomfortable. There are also times when when you are addressing a meeting outside and your feet are freezing.

7. Volt Heated Socks

Our rating: 5 / 10

Volt Heated Socks

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  • Heats up in less than 35 minutes or less
  • Twin temperature controller’s allow for a large range of temperatures
  • Great battery life
  • Affordable price point
  • Various color options available


  • Inconsistent warming
  • Some models have issues with the battery
  • Some users are displeased with the quality and customer service

These are the best heated socks that come with a USB battery pack and controller. This makes them easier to charge than any other product on the market.

They also heat up to 6 hours at full power. This rechargeable heated sock has a 3.7V 900mAh lithium battery and is also compatible with any USB charger that has a USB output.

The best part about these socks is the twin controller. In the comfort of your own home, or on the go, you can easily monitor the temperature of both socks with the easy-to-use controller.

8. Turtle Fur Lectra Sox Wader Socks

Our rating: 5 / 10

Turtle Fur Lectra Sox Wader Socks

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  • Protects against cold weather
  • Natural feel
  • Soft and comfortable
  • 5 temperature settings


  • Might be a little warm if you don’t have cold weather
  • The battery life isn’t very long

One Size.

The Turtle Fur Wader Sock is a great addition to your winter wardrobe if you spend a lot of time outdoors as they’re one of the best warmest winter socks you can buy.

The socks are 100 percent acrylic which maintains warmth even when wet, and the Omni-Heat technology also draws heat from your body to keep your feet warm.

9. Flambeau Men's Heated Socks Kit

Our rating: 5 / 10

Flambeau Men's Heated Socks Kit

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  • Available in several colors
  • Heats well in any weather even when snowshoeing
  • They are made with lemons which are known to have a natural benefit
  • They are made with a small vibe that is barely noticeable and is quite comfortable
  • They include a carrying case that can hold the charger and battery
  • They have about 4.5 hours of battery life in them
  • They come with an extra set of rechargeable batteries
  • They have an auto shutoff feature
  • They also include an excellent warranty plan
  • They can warm up really fast

The appearance, color, pattern, design, and size of these socks is excellent. They are of a high quality, and they feel and are soft. They are very well made and there are no loose stitches or any other flaws. The socks are beautiful and they are not itchy at all.

The socks perform well and they are warming as expected. They do an amazing job at keeping your toes together with all the benefits of a good pair of socks. The standard of the socks are great; they are not itchy and they look amazing.

10. Warmawear Battery Heated Socks

Our rating: 5 / 10

Warmawear Battery Heated Socks

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  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Reasonable price point.
  • Comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time.
  • Quality device that is attractive to look at.
  • Available in varying sizes and warm temperatures.


  • They are battery powered, which can run out right when you need it, so it’s best to have a spare set of batteries on hand.
  • Warmawear Battery Heated Socks are a full-leg sock that comes in four sizes in both a 3 pack and a 6-pack.

These heated socks have many features that are beneficial to customers like a lightweight design. They are lightweight enough that you won’t feel like you’ve added an extra pair of socks.

Also, the battery and controls are located in a side pocket of the sock. This allows you to place the battery in the pocket near your leg instead of wearing the battery pack around your back. The controls will be easily accessible enough to adjust and operate the temperature.

If you’re worried about the battery running low during your trek through the snow you can pick up a few extra batteries for a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are heated socks any good?

Heated socks provide warmth for outdoor adventures. They essentially replace the need to carry bulky gloves or a scarf, at least while trekking when the temperature is moderate. The special fibers that these socks are made from, generate heat through electricity. Some are rechargeable while others require batteries.

Yes, they are. Over the last few years, heated socks have become more common in sports, and they are a practical and cost-effective option. While you can get a pair of wool or cotton socks to keep your toes cozy, they won’t help you in extremely cold temperatures.

Gloves on the other hand give hands added warmth which is why many prefer them over socks. But as stated earlier, a pair of gloves is bulky and cumbersome to carry around. Socks you just roll up and can stuff in your jacket pockets or backpack.

What type of socks keep feet warmest?

There are really three categories for warm socks, based on what they are made of, cotton, wool or a synthetic fabric. When your feet are cold, you want to seek out warm socks.

Cotton socks are one of the most affordable options you have and can provide some benefits. A cotton sock will keep your feet warm for longer periods of time when compared to a wool sock. However, you’ll have to change out your socks once you’ve worn them out. Cotton wears out easily and will lose its ability to insulate your feet.

Is there such a thing as heated socks?

Yes, you definitely can buy heated socks nowadays.

Heated socks are a wonderful choice for cold days, or for keeping your feet warm while you sleep.

Preheating your feet is a great way to keep them warm all day long. It helps reduce pain and prevents the accumulation of blood clots that put people at risk for a dangerous situation.

Heated socks are more efficient than other warmers such as electric blankets. Heated socks can adjust to your body’s temperature and help manage blood flow. With an electric blanket, you have to guess the heat level you want, and the feet are nowhere near as sensitive as the rest of your body. Therefore, it can get very hot on the feet specifically, while the rest of the body gets cold or vice versa.

What are the best cold weather socks?

These socks are specially made to be worn during winter. As the weather turns colder, you will need to make sure you have insulated socks that will keep you warm.

Their material is very thin and lightweight. They are very comfortable to wear. You will feel the cool air inside the socks as the material is in direct contact with your feet.

They are not only ideal for winter but they are also ideal for men because they have the extra padding on the heel and the ball of the foot.

There are also a variety of colors. You can choose from different colors that are great for your fancy. They also have different padding at the ball of the foot so you can choose one that’s ideal for you.

They come with a great price that can fit in any budget. They are very versatile and can be worn in different kinds of weather depending on the season.


Socks are a very important part of the cold weather gear. When it starts getting cold, very cold, you want to make sure that your toes are nice and warm and snug in your favorite pair of socks. While there are lots of different options out there, one of the best types of socks for the winter are the heated socks. A good pair of electric socks bring the heat. So, we searched for and looked at and reviewed ten of the best pairs of heated socks for you. Here is our list of reviews, in no particular order.

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SNOW DEER Heated Socks,7.4V Electric Rechargeable Battery Heating Socks Men WomenBest OverallSNOW DEER Heated Socks,7.4V Electric Rechargeable Battery Heating Socks Men Women
Heated Electric Warm Thermal SocksBudget PickHeated Electric Warm Thermal Socks
Lenz Products Unisex Set Lithium Pack rcB 1200 + Heat Sock 1.0Upgrade PickLenz Products Unisex Set Lithium Pack rcB 1200 + Heat Sock 1.0