Ranking the 10 Best Paracord of 2021

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Style, size, patterns, price, and more product features. At the end of your day, you want to buy the best paracord products. Wait, what is paracord?

When you need to carry around a bowline, you will want to have all of your gear handy and organized. With paracord on your belt, you can easily carry all of your gear without it getting in the way.

Below, you will find ten of the best paracord for your review. Each of the reviewed product serves a different purpose. From Paracord lanyards to key chains, you will find the best paracord for the job.

Now, let’s dive in and see which one is on top.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best brand of paracord?

We were very fortunate to be able to test out some of the best paracord in the market and found the following four – from soft to hard to be the best:

How strong is 1100 paracord?

First things first, when we’re talking about the strength of paracord we’re actually referring to the breaking strength. The breaking strength of a cord is the amount of force it can withstand before it breaks. The paracord I listed above has a breaking strength of 1100 pounds.

What are the different sizes of paracord?

Paracord comes in weights from about 1.5-pounds to about 50-pounds. But that is just the weight of the cord itself. The paracord can be coiled, braided, or knotted into something much larger.

Each one of these different styles will require the use of different ratios of paracord cords.

Think of this ratio as the number of strands that any given cord will consist of. A 10 strand paracord has 10 individual cords that will be braided or knotted together to form the finished rope. A 3 strand cord will have three cords braided together for the finished product.

Each of these types of paracord consist of slightly different designs for the hollow space inside. The hollow design is called the inner core.

Here is a list of some of the most common weights of paracord in use today:

Are paracord bracelets still popular?

Paracord bracelets have been popular since it first spread the word among the survival community. Some people are crazy about these bracelets while others are not so fond of them. But there are still a lot of people who swear by them.


Paracord is known as an essential piece of survival gear that can also be used for countless DIY projects as well. It’s an essential piece of survival gear because it’s lightweight, durable and you can unravel it to make survival bracelets, small tents, fishing lines, and bowstrings, just to name a few. Doctors even use it in surgeries. Knowing all these qualities of paracord, it’s hard to see why people are still hesitant in buying some.

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