Ranking the 10 Best Plate Carriers of 2021

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A plate carrier is a piece of military equipment which frequently appears in the tactical and military surplus market. They are pieces of equipment which allow for a soldier to carry any heavy and cumbersome equipment comfortably.

Most commonly, this equipment includes any additional protective gear, extra magazines, and an outer piece of equipment which can be worn over a vest. All of these pieces of equipment come together and form a plate carrier vest which many people take advantage of.

If you are someone who likes to participate in the tactical and military market, then you should know that there are a countless amount of plate carriers on the market. This could make things quite intimidating and push you to shy away from this type of equipment. However, we have gone out of our way to find some of the best plate carriers on the market for you.

From list of 21+ brilliant plate carriers, we have selected top 10, which are reviewed below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What brand plate carrier does the military use?

It’s the SPC (Small Package, Carries). The SPC was introduced by Eagle Industries in 1999 after several years of research. It is the military’s epitome of a plate carrier, and a combat-proven performer. Comparable carrying vests have not been introduced since.

The SPC can fit up to 9×12 sized plates. The plates have two uniquely positioned shock-cords that make it possible to expand a variable hierarchy of protection levels.

This takes versatility and compactness to a whole new level of innovative design. Instead of having a small package with fixed sizes, you have a carrier that’s an all-around combination of hostiles. It adapts as an offensive or as a defensive fighting system.

The size of the carrier is another unique feature. At an average weight of 3 pounds, it is lightweight and more comfortable than most others.

What is the best color for a plate carrier?

The best color for your plate carrier should be the color that is easiest for you to add pouches, webbing, or anything else that might be tactically advantageous to your plate carrier. Whether you agree or disagree, this one is up to you.

Are Condor plate carriers any good?

They are very good. Check out Condor CASV-24 Plate Carrier. It is the winner of the 2011 Military Times Best in Category. It is very adaptable. Now it is the time to buy the better one for you. You can also check out Condor Mini Plate Carrier. A lot of soldiers love it. It is flexible; you can also carry two hydration bladdrs. This is a highly recommended product.


By looking at these criteria we were able to determine the best plate carriers of 2021. While we were able to rank them from first to tenth there is really not a whole lot of difference between the top plate carrier. While there is a lot of competition in this category you should ideally be able to find one that not only suits you best but also your budget.

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